Removing Juice Stains from Carpet

Removing juice stains from carpet can be a challenge, particularly if the stain is from a previous spill and has fully dried. If you have kids, chances are you have at least one juice stain on the carpet in your home. You can follow the tips below for removing juice stains on your own. If your effort is unsuccessful, contact the pros to clean up the mess. Read more

Removing Gum From Carpet

Have you ever tried removing gum from carpet, only to turn the stain into a huge mess? If you have small children running around the house, it’s inevitable that sooner or later one of them will drop their chewing gum on the carpet. Kids just love to blow bubbles, and when they do, occasionally the wad of gum will fly out of their mouths and land on the floor, or worse fall on your new carpet. Lucky for you we have 4 quick tips for removing gum from carpet. Read more

Removing Wax Carpet Stains

Removing Wax Carpet Stains can make you feel a little apprehensive as extra care must be taken in order to avoid further damage to the carpet itself. Yet, there is no need to stress over the somewhat minor incident of spilling hot candle wax on your new carpet. Removing wax carpet stains can be relatively easy if you follow the four simple steps below and take care along the way. Read more