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Hi my name is Ken Copsey and welcome to Copsey’s Carpet Cleaning Company. We provide the highest quality cleaning products in the market today. All of our cleaning solutions are very safe and very effective at getting the most toughest stains out of your carpet. You will see from our services that you will get the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen or it’s FREE!!!

Our Quality Services Are:

Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning ServicesWe use a truck mount steam cleaning method which Carpet Manufactures recommend as the best choice to get your carpets the most thoroughly cleaned. The carpet cleaning services include:

Carpets: We have a 9 step cleaning process that gets your carpets looking its freshest, healthiest and extending the life of your carpet. See Our 9 Step Cleaning Process button below the Our Guarantee Tab.

Oriental Rugs: We can identify all rugs and let you know if we can clean them or not (there are some exceptions to cleaning rugs).

R.V. and Auto Interiors: We have the tools and solutions to get into your R.V. or Auto Interior and give them a great thorough clean.

Carpet Protection: Carpet Manufactures recommend carpet protection applied to your carpets after cleaning. When you get new carpet it comes with a factory finish on it. Time, wear plus subsequent cleaning remove this protection, causing your carpets to prematurely soil. Application of the proper carpet protection restores that ‘new carpet’ finish – giving you carpets that will stay cleaner longer – more bang for your cleaning buck! And subsequently a healthier environment for you and your family.


Upholstery Cleaning:

Upholstery Cleaning ServicesAgain we use the same steam clean method they we use on carpets for upholstery with different chemistry applications. All solutions are safe and get the most through cleaning done. We start with identifying the fabric in the upholstery (there are some fabrics that cannot be cleaned but we will let you know upfront). Next we dry vacuum the upholstery to get as much dry soil and crumbs off that we can. Then we have a special fabric solution that we spray on followed by a scrubber bonnet that loosens the soil. A special tool uses warm clear water to rinse and extract the soil, leaving no soil attracting residue. Fabric is then allowed to dry.



Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Tile & Grout Cleaning ServicesWe provide a full tile and grout cleaning service. When you have your tile cleaned we clean it with a special cleaning tool that has the right amount of heat and water pressure to get out all those stubborn stains and dirt. A tile sealer for protecting the tile is also available.

Deodorization Services:

Deodorizer ServicesFor the many Dog and Cat lovers in Central Oregon – we love our pets but they can create bad urine odor problems. We use  a special deodorizer that neutralizes the smell and takes it away. There exceptions to this depending on how extensive the damage is.