Carpet Cleaning

 We use a truck mount steam cleaning method which Carpet Manufactures recommend as the best choice to get your carpets the most thoroughly cleaned. The carpet cleaning services include:

Carpets: We have a 9 step cleaning process that gets your carpets looking its freshest, healthiest and extending the life of your carpet. See Our 9 Step Cleaning Process button below the Our Guarantee Tab.

Oriental Rugs: We can identify all rugs and let you know if we can clean them or not (there are some exceptions to cleaning rugs).

R.V. and Auto Interiors: We have the tools and solutions to get into your R.V. or Auto Interior and give them a great thorough clean.

Carpet Protection: Carpet Manufactures recommend carpet protection applied to your carpets after cleaning. When you get new carpet it comes with a factory finish on it. Time, wear plus subsequent cleaning remove this protection, causing your carpets to prematurely soil. Application of the proper carpet protection restores that ‘new carpet’ finish – giving you carpets that will stay cleaner longer – more bang for your cleaning buck! And subsequently a healthier environment for you and your family.